class dealignment

Dictionary of sociology. 2013.

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  • class dealignment —    The process of decline in the social classbased strength of attachment and in the sense of belonging to class based political parties that became a feature of the period from the 1970s onwards. Explanations for class dealignment include:… …   Glossary of UK Government and Politics

  • Dealignment — Dealignment, in political science, is a trend or process whereby a large portion of the electorate abandons its previous partisan affiliation, without developing a new one to replace it. It is contrasted with realignment. Many scholars argue that …   Wikipedia

  • Social class — Sociology …   Wikipedia

  • КЛАССОВОЕ НЕСОВПАДЕНИЕ — (class dealignment) тезис, особенно относящийся к электоральному поведению в Англии, согласно которому прежняя модель совпадения классовых и политических приверженностей разрушается, уступая место более подвижным и менее постоянным образцам… …   Большой толковый социологический словарь

  • voting behaviour — Voting is the main form of political participation in liberal democratic societies and the study of voting behaviour is a highly specialized sub field within political science . The analysis of voting patterns invariably focuses on the… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • Independent (voter) — Not to be confused with Independence Party, Independent Party, America s Independent Party, or American Independent Party. Part of the Politics series …   Wikipedia

  • Neighbourhood effect — The neighbourhood effect is one of the contextual variables that explains the tendency of a person to vote in a certain direction based upon the relational effects of the people living in the neighbourhood. The voting preference of a… …   Wikipedia

  • ГОЛОСОВАНИЕ — (VOTING) Социологический анализ электорального поведения исследование того, каким образом люди голосуют на выборах и почему они голосуют так, а не иначе, традиционно основывался на структурном подходе, нацеленном на выявление факторов социальной… …   Социологический словарь

  • voting behaviour —    The study of voting behaviour developed in the mid twentieth century and was based on the new developments in survey research. Much has been written about the relationships between voting behaviour and social class, education, religion and… …   Glossary of UK Government and Politics

  • issue voting —    The idea that voters make their decision about whom to support on the basis of their assessment of the issue or policy stances of the political parties. In other words, it is a calculated decision based on a rational choice. For issue voting… …   Glossary of UK Government and Politics

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